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Magic Band shaping rubber bands

Magic Band shaping rubber bands

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Would you like to make your training effective at home or even while on vacation?

With the help of high-quality Magic Band rubber bands , there are no more excuses when it comes to training!

The Magic Band rubber band is the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast, as you can take your training to a new level with it.

In addition to being a great shaper, the mini band also fits in a small space, so you can create a shapely body for yourself in the comfort of your home.

Exercises with bands of graduated resistance strengthen the muscles, making it a super thigh and butt shaper, but also a suitable choice for strengthening the arms and abs. Thanks to the small size of the rubber band, it can even fit in your pocket, and we also give you a practical portable bag as a gift so that you can always have it with you. There are no more excuses, you can take the device with you anytime, anywhere, so you can complete a sweaty workout in any conditions.

How do Magic Bands help?

  • A unique fitness aid: Magic Band graduated, flexible rubber bands can be the perfect addition to any of your workouts. You can use it to supplement a fat-burning or even shape-shaping workout, but it is also a useful tool for physiotherapy, as you can move the entire body with just one tool.
  • Effective muscle work: The use of the rubber band ensures a constant load on the muscles, so you can effectively train your muscles, and you can also spice up monotonous workouts with it. In order to activate the gluteal muscles, we should perform especially beneficial warm-up exercises with the help of a rubber band, so we can achieve more effective gluteal muscle building.
  • Rehabilitation helps: Rehabilitation is very important after a sports injury or surgery, the band contributes to strengthening the muscles while protecting the joints from negative effects. Thanks to the continuous resistance, it helps in the rehabilitation of muscle groups.
  • Anywhere, anytime: Thanks to the small size of the rubber band, it can even fit in your pocket, and thanks to the practical carrying bag, you can always have it with you, you can take it with you anywhere - on trips, to the gym, to the workplace.

Magic Band shaping rubber bands


  • Fitness aid for training the whole body.
  • 5 rubber bands with different levels of resistance.
  • Practical and compact design.
  • Ideal for training at home and in the gym.

Magic Band shaping rubber bands

Who do we recommend?

  • For beginners and advanced athletes.
  • For those who want to build muscle.
  • For those who want to lose weight.
  • For home, gym training.
  • For rehabilitation purposes.



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